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Fearless, fleet-footed, and full of curiosity, good-natured goats have it all. In this motivating guide to self-improvement, the stars of the popular Instagram Goats Gone Grazing teach us to take life by the horns.

Some days, it's a struggle just to get out of bed—let alone eat our greens, climb the career ladder, and make our family and friends smile. Some days, in this fast-paced world, we find ourselves wondering how to keep it together. And advice? It's like we've herd it all before.

Whether they are hopping up the peaks of mountains, through the treetops, or onto the backs of cows, goats are natural masters of balance, famed for their brains, brawn, and bawdy good humor. With their philosopher's beards, stately horns, and outgoing charm, these versatile animals know that working hard is just as important as cuddling up. They may be scruffy, wily, and mischievous, but when it comes to making the most of their days, these goats aren't kidding around.

This powerful guide features two hundred personality-packed photos of the adult and baby goat stars of Goats Gone Grazing on their Kentucky farm and gives affirming advice to shepherd you the through good, the baaaad, and the graze-y. Sections cover health, romance, family, work, and finding yourself. It's time to stop being riddled by your human insecurities. Here, at last, is the advice you need to goat for it!