The Spectacular Journey into Space Book


Stunning photos and die-cut pages let the reader turn this book into a work of art and reveal a gallery of planets, rockets and space-themed inventions.

The Spectacular Journey into Space takes a look at the natural wonders found in space, and also the brilliant objects and machines that have gone - and will go - into space. The unique diecut format lets the stunning photos leap off the page, forming a gallery of stars, rovers, telescopes, probes and much more. From the Space Shuttle to the Space Launch System, there's something new to discover with every turn of the page.

Filled with facts on everything from the creation of the universe to the Orion spacecraft, this space encyclopedia explores our solar system and the inventions that will take humans further into space than ever before.

Topics include: the Sun;rocky inner planets;Mars Opportunity Rover;Mars 2020 Rover;the gas giants;Voyager;Cassini Huygens Mission;Pluto and the dwarf planets;New Horizons;Astronauts;the Moon;Lunar Module;lunar roving vehicles;Saturn V Rocket;Space Shuttle;the International Space Station;Soyuz;Skylab;comets, meteors and meteorites;Rosetta;Hubble Space Telescope;Extremely Large Telescope, Spitzer Space Telescope;Space X;Space Launch System;Orion;Vostochny Space Center;Solar Orbiter; and TESS.
64 pages, 8 to 12 years old