Goodnight, Chicago Footie


Size & Fit

Fit is true to size

They’ll definitely sleep tight in this combed rib knit, 100% organic cotton sleeper, complete with comfy ribbed cuffs.

* Made to match their older sibling in the Long John Pajamas

Smooth Seams - Smaller Things has thought of everything down to the seams. The pajamas are made with a special type of seam that is flat and super smooth for those kids who may be extra sensitive. We’d say they’ll love these, but honestly they won’t even notice them *wink*

Smaller Things thinks every kid deserves the best so they decided to use only the best organic cotton over conventional cotton or bamboo. Their pajamas are made from 100% organic cotton which means that NO harmful chemicals were used in making our product (which isn't the case when it comes to conventional cotton or bamboo) and those that made our product do so in a safe working environment for living wages. It's these smaller details that make a difference to their brand.