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Fearless Detoxifying Bath Salts

  • $28.00

Fragrance Notes

Confidence + Strength: Wild Geranium + Rosewood

Get centered. Renew body + spirit with a rejuvenating full-body soak.

Natural salt crystals soothe and de-stress while purifying skin for a happy, healthy radiance. Sublimely-scented with all-natural botanicals of Wild Geranium + Rosewood, inspiring bold moves and a daring determination. This is your moment to recharge and rally. Big things lie ahead!

Design Details

Recyclable + reusable, this fabulous beauty shines with bright florals screen printed on a decorative glass jar. A striking design to be shown off and displayed, place in the bathroom or by bathtub—you’ll be sure to find limitless ways to repurpose this stunning container. A fearless reminder to crush the day.